Best 27 inch Monitor for Macbook Pro in 2023

If you ever need to connect an external monitor to your 14-inch or 16-inch Macbook pro for boosting productivity or usage, we have reviewed the best 27 inch monitor for the Macbook pro. All the monitors contain dual HDMI inputs that your Macbook supports for the video output.

We have explored top-notch products from different brands, offering incredible display performance that never compromises your productivity. All the monitors can be used for personal, business, or gaming purposes. You can also adjust the basic settings on the familiar interface and binge multitask on the huge 27-inch screen.

We have mentioned detailed specs and features of the top 5 external monitors for macbook pro to save your time and research in the field.

Best 27 inch Monitor for Macbook Pro Comparison Table 2023

Philips 278E1A 27" Frameless Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Samsung CF390 Series 27 inch FHD⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
HP 27er 27-Inch Full HD⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sceptre IPS 27 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q 27 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐

Let’s learn more about the monitors from a new perspective and help you purchase with a single click.

1.   Philips 278E1A 27″ Frameless Monitor

Philips 278E1A 27 inchFrameless Monitor

Philips 278E1A is a 27-inch affordable monitor with a frameless display to provide more room for the screen. The LED display with an IPS panel and 3840 x 2160 resolution creates amazing pictures with bright colors and decent contrast.

The display performance is outstanding, with 1 billion color hues for smooth gradation. The darker blacks and brighter whites make the mega contrast ratio that suits well to perform a variety of tasks.

It is the best 27-inch monitor for Macbook pro, considering the high sRGB coverage and powerful built-in speakers. The monitor is ideal for professional image or video editing tasks due to the high-performance panel that can recreate highly detailed images that bring life to the objects.

Moreover, the 27-inch screen should be enough to multitask since the built-in smartImage game mode encourages users to play games on the 16:9 monitor. Also, the 4ms response time flicker-free display makes everything look smooth and flawless to keep you engaged. The LowBlue mode keeps your eyes safe from the harmful rays emitting from the monitor and reduces eye fatigue for the long working hours.

It may look like a traditional monitor, but it has a cable management area at the rear panel, which keeps all the connectivity wires altogether to keep the workplace clean. This monitor contains two HDMI and one DisplayPort, one PC audio input, and one Earphone output for seamless usage. It offers a lot for the money, but the display performance deserves all the appreciation.

• 100% sRGB coverage
• Mega contrast
• Built-in speakers
• Flicker-free technology
• Game mode
• None

2.   Samsung CF390 Series 27 inch FHD

Samsung CF390 Series 27 inch monitor for macbook pro

Samsung is a market leader in smart devices with durable build quality and impressive display performance. This 27-inch slim curved monitor can ensure a highly immersive viewing or working experience, especially if your work is color-sensitive.

It is easy to place on the furniture with the powerful support, and VESA mounting option is also available for multi-screen workstations. The connectivity via HDMI or VGA port is also convenient to utilize, and the energy saver mode encourages more tension-free usage to boost productivity.

It can be a thoughtful companion to your Macbook pro with a 1920 x 1080p resolution and 3,000:1 contrast ratio, making everything better on the screen. The curved monitor further minimizes the light leakage to ensure black uniformity, which goes pretty well with the brighter whites to create a detailed image.

Moreover, wide viewing angles keep the image quality intact to watch from a distance, eventually making it a great choice for presentations or image/video editing. The GPU acceleration is powerful enough to accommodate heavy software like Adobe.

Apart from video editing, this slim and stylish monitor can be utilized for regular gaming. AMD free sync followed by a Game mode and 4ms response time makes a great and moving display that wouldn’t invite any blur or tear during the game. However, a lack of sensible and decent speakers is a big turn-off because it may force you to invest in the soundbar. But overall, it is a great 27-inch monitor for MacBook pro to consider.

Moreover, you can check your Macbook Monitor Compatibility With this Guide as well.

• Stylish design
• 3000:1 contrast ratio
• 1800R screen curvature
• Flicker-free technology
• Game mode
• Smooth display for advanced work
• Good pair of speakers could be better

3.   HP 27er 27-Inch Full HD

HP 27er 27-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor for macbook pro

HP is a name of trust when we talk about computer accessories, and 27er 27-inch Full HD monitor is no exception. It is a perfect monitor with an IPS panel with an LED backlight, suitable for performing multiple tasks. The connectivity options are also decent, with dual HDMI and one VGA port, giving you enough room to connect with the Macbook pro.

The 27-inch monitor looks great to set in workstations and is easy to carry around as it weighs only 3.8kg. You can also mount it with other monitors to get the most out of like, like comparing different performances or preview editings or spreadsheets before finalizing.

The display performance of this best 27-inch monitor for MacBook pro is worth appreciating. Like its rivals, it produces bright and vivid images with the support of up to 16.7 million colors. 72% color gamut coverage area with 250 nits of brightness and 82 pixels per inch is not bad for the affordable external monitor. In addition, the 1080p resolution and static contrast ratio of 1000:1 and dynamic ratio are 5,000,000:1 are satisfactory to polish the display for deeply immersive watching.

This huge frameless display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 is wonderful for multitasking. The tilt angle gives you immense support and makes the entire monitor usage somewhat comfortable. If you want a bigger display, you can check our list of Top 32 inches monitors for MacBook pro.

• Ultra-slim monitor
• Excellent dynamic contrast
• 16.7m colors on screen
• Wide viewing angles
• HDMI with HDCP support
• Limited connections
• High response time

4. Sceptre IPS 27 Inch Monitor for Macbook

Sceptre IPS

Sceptre is now blending in the computer monitor with an impressive product line designed to enhance the viewing, gaming, and working experience. It can be used for multiple reasons due to its powerful processing capability and many attractive built-in features.

This space-saving monitor will be a thoughtful investment for the fully-occupied studios and home offices. It also has mounting screws at the rear panel that allows you to expand the setup and make it safe to use within a limited capacity. The connectivity options are also great, containing two HDMI and one VGA port. There are also a couple of audio outputs and a headphone jack for video calling or private music listening.

A full HD display will catch your attention at first glance with the edgeless monitor design and huge screen for regular use. It will keep you engaged with 1920 by 1080 resolution that delivers electrifying display performance with sharp content visibility.

Moreover, the 75Hz refresh rate makes the display smooth and flawless for gaming, video calling, or video editing by reducing the motion blur and annoying tearing. The detailed object quality with vivid colors is only possible by a wide color gamut coverage that no standard monitor would offer you at this price. Besides, the high-quality built-in speakers with the perfect tuning for gaming or music streaming are game changers.

• 99% color gamut
• Built-in speakers
• 75Hz refresh rate
• Dual HDMI 1.4 up to 75Hz
• Adaptive Sync
• None

5.   BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q 27 Inch


We call it a gaming monitor for its huge screen size, built-in subwoofer, and premium FreeSync support. This monitor promotes luxurious multitasking without any lag or screen tearing because a 1ms response time and 165Hz refresh rate is something beyond imagination.

It is a prime product on this list 27-inch ergonomic-friendly display. It tilts up to -5 to 15 degrees and swivels up to -15 to 15 degrees, allowing you to adjust the most comfortable position according to your preference.

This monitor comes with multiple sources to connect to external devices like MacBook pro or allows you to recharge your smart devices, including a laptop, via a USB port. It also contains HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, and DisplayPort 1.4 for the rich pairing. The headphone jack and audio output are also available for private audio listening.

BenQ QHD IPS monitor is not only an ideal choice for gaming. It also helps cater to other professional tasks in the best possible way, like working on multiple spreadsheets, video editing software, downloading stuff, and freelancing on different platforms.

Integrated eye care reduces eye fatigue and saves the eyes from the monitor’s harmful blue lights. Vivid colors and fantastic graphics give you an immersive viewing, and the built-in powerful speakers with woofers satisfy the high-resolution audio requirement.

• Highly detailed image
• Fully ergonomic design
• Different audio modes
• Premium FreeSync
• 165Hz refresh rate
• None

Bottom Line

Despite fast and exceptional display performance, are you not fully enjoying working or watching your favorite content on the 14-inch Macbook Pro? It’s time to get the best external monitor with all the latest technology support and multiple connectivity inputs to get the most out of it.

We have discussed the top 5 external monitors bearing soothing aesthetics, powerfully built quality, and impressive features to satisfy your digital requirements.

Why not pick the one that best fits your requirement and budget, and let us know what caught your attention?

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