Best Portable Touch Screen Monitor for MacBook Pro in 2023

Are you planning to invest in the best portable touch screen monitor for MacBook pro? Well, your journey ends here because we have some terrific options for you to consider. Touchscreen displays make your life easier by providing ultimate convenience while navigating the interface. They turn laptops, particularly MacBook Pro, into versatile machines that deliver an immersive working experience. They also eliminate the need to rely on a mouse or other peripherals, saving the setup process, time, and extra costs.

However, the market for touchscreen monitors is not huge. We still got lucky to find some reliable and best touch screen monitors for MacBook Pro. They offer seamless connection and incredible display performance to use the device for multiple purposes.

Best Portable Touch Screen Monitor for MacBook Pro Comparison Table in 2023

INNOCN 15.6" OLED Portable Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Portable Monitor, InnoView 15.8 Inch FHD⭐⭐⭐⭐
GTEK 15.8 Inch IPS Full HD⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
USB-C Cocopar Portable Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SideTrak Swivel 14-inches Attachable Portable Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐
AOC 16T2 15.6-inches Full HD Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, let’s check the top-notch products available.

1. INNOCN 15.6″ OLED Portable Monitor

INNOCN 15.6 inch OLED Portable Monitor for macbook pro

OLED portable display from INNOCN is a 15 inches Full HD Self-Lit monitor for macbook pro screens, providing a bright, vibrant viewing experience. You can be watching movies or playing the game on your portable monitor, attaching it with your macbook pro for an amazing true-to-life picture with low potential

Color concentration is on the next level. INNOCN OLED handy laptop monitor uses complete and progressive color standardization technology, bringing more full-color contrast to makers. 100% DCI-P3 and 400 nits brightness make the lifelike display where everything seems near reality. It’s an outstanding choice for using while connecting your MacBook pro for multiple purposes, especially color-sensitive tasks.

The touch screen portable monitor delivers two signal input ways for USB C type and HDMI port, which are more likely to be used with your Xbox, play station 4, and 5. Monitor from INNOCENT is your best pick if you work in your office or use it for gaming use, as it features a 1ms response time. However, the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, so there might be some noticeable lagging with the fast-action scenes. On the upside, it works pretty well for regular computing, drafting emails, etc.

INNOCN portable monitors deliver drop-free and soft-light skills to ensure a contented viewing experience. This best touch screen monitor for MacBook pro includes an Eyecare mode that prevents eyes from getting tired of the harmful blue rays emitting from the display.

• 4K display
• Great battery life
• Eye saver mode
• Portable and travel-friendly
• Decent Built Quality
• The sound could be better

2. Portable Monitor for Mac, InnoView 15.8 Inch FHD

Portable Monitor, InnoView for macbook pro

The touch screen monitor by InnoView is made of a 15.8-inch advanced IPS panel that complements the resolution, delivered with a wide viewing angle. It features HDR technology that delivers precise details of every object with fast pixel response time and decent native brightness. It maintains the picture, brings more dynamic range, and delivers an unbelievable viewing experience. Mirror, extend the representation model for your view.

Limited dual type-c full option ports are an accurate, easy play and plug for your MacBook Pro. A USB portable touch screen monitor can be linked with a single USB-C 3.0 cable and help you fast data transfer and charge the smart devices. It also contains an HDMI port that gives stable and seamless connectivity without ruining data quality with the MacBook pro.

Innoview touchscreen monitor connects with PC, PS4,5, and Xbox to extend the usage easily. It can perform well for other purposes like home and regular office computing. Built-in speakers are strong enough to give you a robust music experience and help your get all your gameplay voices from each direction. However, it is not designed specifically for gaming, considering the 10ms response time and limited refresh rate to 60Hz.

It is a very light weighted monitor, a perfect travel-friendly device if you are planning to move your MacBook or its external screen with you. This is the best touchscreen monitor for MacBook pro; whenever you want to connect, always ready to perform over a single cable connection.

• Fast Performance
• Equipped with HDR and Free Sync
• Brilliant Sound Quality
• Gaming Display
• Built-in speakers
• Sometimes Ports Connectivity lags

3. GTEK 15.8 Inch IPS Full HD

Portable Monitor - GTEK 15.8

If you are looking for a monitor you can put in your bag when you need to go to the office or work from your vacation home and connect it with your MacBook pro, this is mostly the best touchscreen monitor for MacBook pro.

FHD display with IPS technology helps this monitor deliver beautiful visuals and a beautiful viewing experience. On a high resolution at 60Hz, you’ll experience image correctness and a broad range of colors on the 15.8-inches smooth display.

You can enjoy great image superiority on the go with the thin, slim, and lightweight design. Weighing only 2.8lbs, you’ll be able to work or game anywhere without being worried about durability

Eye care technology helps you avoid getting tired while using GTEK 15.8 Inch IPS Full HD monitor. It can be the best monitor for content creators. With the terrific color accuracy or consistency on the 1080p resolution display, you will be able to experience more realistic screen quality for photo and video editing.

Most touchscreen monitors fail to deliver what GTEK 15.8 Inch IPS Full HD can give you in this price range. Connectivity ports help you get it connected without feeling any lag behind. You can get accurate screen-sharing time and eye care technology that minimizes eye fatigue for a healthy working experience.

One thing that makes GTEK 15.8 Inch IPS Full HD portable monitor is the one cable technique. Just plug it into your MacBook with HDMI, and it’s a second monitor of your Mac device that works almost the same as the mini version of your computer.

• Eye care technology
• Portable
• Excellent picture quality
• Built-in speakers
• Decent design
• The sound gets disturbed when full

4. USB-C Cocopar Portable Monitor

USB-C Portable Monitor for macbook pro

Ideally linked with an Apple device, this Cocopar Portable monitor should be considered when buying the second screen or an external monitor for a 14 or 16-inches MacBook pro. Cocopar has the best touchscreen monitor for the MacBook Pro series lined up for you with the perfect portable screen, terrific display performance, USB-C for charging, and fast processor capability for smooth running.

The high-resolution display helps Super Clear in-panel switching IPS Screen achieve a 72% color range with excellent viewing angles, and HDR compatibility further complements the display with vivid colors. 

For Ultra Suitability, the Cocopar monitor is armed with 2 Full Contained Type-C ports that help with data transferring and charging external devices. To pair up the MacBook Pro or any other smart device with the monitor to extend the screen, the monitor includes an HDMI port for a stable connection.  

The cocopar touchscreen monitor enhances the sharpness and contrast of each pixel in all frames to produce extraordinarily intense and realistic pictures. It also features four exhibition modes: Standard, Game, Movie, and Photo. In addition, it supports Duplicate screen mode, and Portrait Mode enhances monitor usage for both business and entertainment. However, Illumination settings will be kept for all connections differently.

It is a giant portable screen that works well as an extra monitor. The LCD Display of Cocopar comes with an attractive case that fits flawlessly over the LCD like an iPad flip protection. It comes with an easy flick on and off for whichever you like the most. Make it easier for you to turn on or turn off your monitor with a flick of your fingers.

• built-in Speakers
• Lightweight
• Clear and detailed display
• Anti-Glare Coating
• Free sync lags sometimes.

5. SideTrak Swivel – Best Portable Touch Screen Monitor For Macbook Pro

SideTrak Swivel 14 inch portable monitor for macbook pro

Compatible with Windows and Mac, SideTrak 14-inches portable external monitor can go a long way while connecting to your MacBook pro and prove to be the best external monitor for daily or professional computing.

It has a subtle design in Black, and the kickstand helps the screen to sit solid and confident while connecting with the Mac with an HDMI cable. The IPS panel takes care of the viewing angles, maintaining the image quality intact while seeing it from a distance.

It has all the included ports at the side for convenient access and boosts your productivity by complementing every action. The USB-C helps with optimum charging and fast data transfer.

Though the monitor features a 14-inches display, it may not extend the screen size of your MacBook Pro, but the 16:9 ratio can be a great second screen for workstations. The picture quality is terrific, with adjustable brightness and dynamic contrast ratio. Moreover, the frameless design saves you from distractions, and the 60Hz refresh rate tries to reduce the motion blur while working.

It may not deliver an ecstatic gaming experience, but you can vouch on the touchscreen monitor for email, casual digital streaming, content creation, social media management, etc.

• Travel-friendly
• Autorotation screen
• Adjustable brightness
• Decent connections
• Durable build
• 25ms response time

6. AOC 16T2 15.6-inches Full HD Portable Monitor for Macbook


AOC 16T2 is a 15.6-inches touch-enabled portable monitor with a Full HD display, IPS panel, and a pleasing profile. The glossy surface looks astonishing, and the thin bezels give it a distinctive look.

The 15.6-inches profile gives it a tab look with a 10-point capacitive function, making the display super responsive and always ready to start the show. Also, the portable monitor with an IPS panel delivers great visuals despite the purpose of its use. In addition, the 1080p resolution with static contrast and high detailing offers excellent color consistency and volume that goes pretty well for creating or editing content.

However, the specs are essential, and connectivity is limited to Micro-HDMI input and USB-C ports. It is an affordable external screen for the MacBook that digital influencers, photo editors, and gamers would prefer.

You can also vouch for the monitor for content preview and casual streaming. It includes a built-in battery of 8000mAh that lasts up to 4 hours while connected through HDMI. It allows using USB-C for battery usage and enjoy seamless working with the second screen.

The AOC monitor has built-in stereo speakers that deliver reasonable audio performance. So, this portable monitor is a complete workstation package at an affordable price, and we assume it is the best touch screen monitor for MacBook Pro.

• Premium display
• USB-C for charging
• Highly portable
• Built-in 8000mAh battery
• Built-in speakers
• Limited functions

Bottom Line

The external best touchscreen monitor for MacBook Pro is perfect for boosting your work productivity. Two screens are always better than one when you have to multitask or compare two shots simultaneously.

We have mentioned well-built monitors with HDMI ports for flawless connection. The IPS panel keeps up with the viewing angles, perfect for an environment where you cannot set up the entire Working station with keyboards and mouse and use the touch interface.

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