How to Connect Phone to TV without Wifi | Easy Quick Ways

How will you handle the situation if you forget to pay your monthly subscription and have a movie night weekend with friends? I found myself in that situation last week. As an expert, everyone was looking toward me for solutions. The problem was “How to Connect Phone to TV without Wifi?”

Well, don’t worry if you have encountered such situations because there are many ways to tackle this situation. I have developed this guide of quick and easy ways to connect a phone with a TV without Wifi. Just choose one, and you are free to enjoy it.

How to connect phone to TV wirelessly without Wifi | Different 

Follow and apply these quick solutions to enjoy your favorite shows and content with the help of your phone without Wifi.

How to mirror android phone to TV without Wifi?

When it comes to the modern smart TV and smartphones, it is now possible that you get the solution to every problem quickly. I recently used Miracast on my Insignia 42-inch Class F20 Series Smart Full HD to mirror my Samsung Note 10, which comprises the following steps.

  1. In this method, I use the Wifi Direct to connect two devices.
  2. Make sure you have a Smartphone built-in casting feature.
  3. Now go to the Notification tray or settings to find the Chrome cast.
  4. And press the Cast option and wait for the options.
  5. Then select your TV from the options.
  6. You have just mirrored an android phone to a tv without Wifi using Miracast. 

How to Stream from phone to tv without wifi Chromecast?

If you don’t have the Wifi working and you have to watch and browse your favorite show, then you can pick the Chromecast method to connect your phone to the TV without Wifi. I usually connect my phone through this technique when my Wifi is not working. The most important aspect is the creation of a Wifi Network between your phone and TV. The steps include:

  • Go to the mobile phone’s settings and turn on the Wifi Hotspot.
  • Then create a password – that we will use while connecting the TV.
  • Get the Chromecast dongle and connect it to the TV.
  • Search for the Wifi network and find your Hotspot and connect your phone.
  • Go to the Menu/ Notification Bar of the smartphone and look for casting.
  • Turn on the cast feature and look for your TV.
  • It will make you able to watch your show on the TV.

Note: It will only work if you have an Android TV. 

How to mirror Netflix from phone to tv without Wifi?

It is impossible to imagine entertainment without Netflix these days. Usually, most people like me watch Netflix on weekends. What to do when there is no Wifi? Well, don’t worry; we got you covered here. Follow these methods to connect/mirror your phone to the TV for Netflix and chill.

Tip: Make sure you have a Smart TV and a smartphone that supports Chromecast.

  • First, go to the smartphone’s settings and look for the Network.
  • Now turn on the Hotspot and keep the password.
  • After that, browse the General Settings of the smart TV and reach out to the Network.
  • Then, turn on the Wifi and look for your phone’s Wifi.
  • Now connect your TV with the Wifi Network.
  • Go to the Cast option of the smartphone.
  • Select your TV, and you are mirrored.
  • Watch your favorite Netflix show on your TV by mirroring your phone without Wifi.

Note: There will be little latency while watching through mirroring.

You can even use the Chromecast devices separately for this purpose. The Chromecast device acts as the intermediate link between TV and smartphone.

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How to Connect Phone to TV without Wifi iPhone?

The connecting process of the iPhone with your TV is a little ambiguous, but not with these quick solutions.

Using Lightning Connector

In this method, you need only one Apple Lightning Connector that will do the job. The first step is to connect the HDMI side of the cable to your TV and the second step is to connect another side to the iPhone. 

Using Peer-to-Peer AirPlay

Peer-to-Peer AirPlay requires you to connect your TV and iPhone via Bluetooth first. Now turn on the Wifi for the sake of communication. After that, connect your Apple TV through the screen mirroring from the AirPlay control options.

How to connect phone to TV without screen mirroring?

The method that I primarily use instead of screen mirroring is the Chromecast. It allows me to control what I want to see on my TV instead of mirroring what only shows what you play on a smartphone.

Connect your phone to a TV without screen mirroring by using a Chromecast dongle. Turn on your smart TV after you have connected the dongle. On the smartphone hotspot, turn on the Hotspot. Once you have connected Chromecast to the hotspot network, you are done.

Final Thoughts 

I have used different ways to connect phones without Wifi using many valuable and practical methods. These methods will help you connect your smartphones with your TV to enjoy Netflix when there is no Wifi.

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