Kensington Docking Station Not Detecting Monitor Macbook | Troubleshooting

I am tired of wondering why my Kensington docking station is not detecting the monitor macbook. On evaluating the problem, I learned several troubleshooting methods which were out of my mind. If you encounter a similar situation, read my article and get the benefit of vanishing the one from your side. 

Docking stations connect to the Macbooks via wires; you must be conscious of their health and insert them correctly. Also, use updated drivers or look for the MacBook “Allow Accessories” settings and change them to connect devices. 

In this article, I will mention the quick fixes why your Kensington docking station is not detecting the monitor MacBook and fix the issue to avoid inconvenience.

How do I get my Mac to Recognize my Docking Station?

MacBook is an intelligent device that does not recognize a particular device until you change its settings to allow accessories such as a docking station or external displays to connect. By this time, no device can connect to your laptop or, in return, not get benefit from the data access.

As a result, you suffer from functionality issues. However, you can do a few tricks to recognize the Kensington docking station on your MacBook. 

  • Open the Apple menu and go to System Settings
  • Tap on the Privacy and Security option
  • Scroll down until you reach a pop-menu next to Allow Accessories to Connect.
  • Choose Kensington Docking station. 

Kensington Docking Station not Detecting Monitor Macbook

Why is My Docking Station Not Detecting Monitor? Hardware and software problems are fundamentals explaining the failure of a docking station to recognize monitors.

So, start by working on the docking station and unplug it from the laptop. You must wait 10-15 minutes and reconnect the Kensington docking station to your MacBook. Still, if you notice no considerable improvement, look for the resetting of the Kensington SD4610P Docking Station and MacBook Pro. 

Shut Down the Docking Station

Start by turning down the power supply of a Kensington docking station from the power supply. You must remember to turn it on when you reach the last step.

Disconnect Devices

Since you powered off the docking station, disconnect your MacBook from it and take steps to shut it down completely. Simply click the Apple menu and Select the Shut Down option. 

Give Devices a Rest

You are troubleshooting so that the Kensington docking station detects your MacBook. Wait for 60-90 seconds and proceed with turning the laptop on again. Also, you must wait 1 minute after a complete MacBook log-in to connect to the docking station. 

Connect Kensington to MacBook

Provide the power supply to the docking station and connect it to the Macbook using USB-C to USB-C cable. The steps will solve your problem with the Kensington docking station to MacBook. If your Macbook External Monitor keeps Turning Of, you can check a detailed troubleshooting guide on it.

Macbook not Recogizing Docking Station | Tips to Make it Work

  • Insert the cables tightly to get enhanced performance.
  • Fulfill the initial requirement of the compatibility between macbook and docking station.
  • Download and Update the latest drivers of the docking station.
  • Try connecting both devices with other devices to inspect their performance.
  • Restart the docking station or MacBook to eliminate the minor glitch
  • Install MacBook’s latest updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Isn’t My Docking Station Recognizing my Monitor?

The primary reason for the docking station not recognizing your monitor is the damaged or bent pins of the video cable. Also, ensure that you adequately secure the cable’s ends to both devices. 

Do Laptop Docking Stations Need Drivers?

Yes, you need drivers for docking stations. The specialty of updating the drivers to the latest versions is eliminating their slow performance, software and hardware malfunctioning, system’s unresponsive behavior, and instability.  

Summing Up 

Finding your docking station not detecting your MacBook monitor is a situation not to leave unattended. In this article, I have mentioned several ways to get through the problems of not recognizing and keep in mind several tips to increase both devices’ functionality.

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