5 Useful ways to Customize the Touch Bar of Mac

If you’ve ever wished you could have more control over the Touch bar on your MacBook Pro, good news You can now customize it to better suit your needs with the help of a few simple tips. The touch bar comes with the pro version of MacBook known as MacBook pro and it does not come with the air variant. So, if you own a MacBook pro and want to customize the touch bar of your MacBook pro, read on to learn how to make the most out of your Touch bar.

How to Customize the Touch Bar of Macbook Pro

I recently upgraded my Macbook, from the air version to the Pro version and it’s been a game changer At first, I thought the touch bar was as useless as my worries over life but I was wrong after customizing it according to my needs, I came to know that It’s totally worth the upgrade and that this touch bar feature is useful. With its customizable touch bar, I’m able to make all kinds of customizations, the most exciting of which is changing the function of buttons on the touch bar. 

It is surprisingly simple – all you have to do is:

  1. Open ‘System Preferences’
  2. Select ‘Keyboard’, and head on over to the ‘Touch Bar’ 
  3. display drop-down menu. 

There, you can go ahead and customize your touch bar with whatever button functions you need. You can also access many helpful features such as creating touch bar folders for multiple items, changing or rearranging the positions of touch bar items, and more If you own a Macbook Pro touch bar and haven’t had time to explore its capabilities now’s your chance

How to add new app shortcuts on the Touch bar

Want to be able to quickly open all your favorite apps with just one simple touch? Adding a new app shortcut on the Touch bar is a perfect way 

All you need to do is:

  • Press the Fn key that is available on the left bottom corner of your MacBook’s keyboard.
  • Locate and select the desired application from the Control Strip. 
  • Touch and hold for a couple of seconds until your App’s icon appears on the Left side of your TouchBar screen. 

Once it’s there, you’ll be able to quickly access your app by simply tapping its icon. It feels great to be so organized and make things easier – now you can make all your important tasks faster, anytime

How to rearrange the order of app shortcuts on the Touch bar

Rearranging the order of my apps really helps me stay organized and efficient I particularly love using the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro to speed up my workflow. It’s so easy to customize which app shortcuts show up, and their order, for quick access. To do this:

  1. you can simply open System Preferences > Keyboard > Customise Control Strip. 
  2. Then simply drag and drop your chosen apps into whatever position works best for you. I love being able to rearrange things like this as it allows me to work faster and smarter with minimal effort – it’s such a great feature.

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How to delete an app shortcut from the Touch bar

Removing an app shortcut from the touch bar on your MacBook can feel like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. But you don’t need to worry, it’s actually quite simple and only takes a few steps All you need to do is open System Preferences and choose Keyboard, then select the Shortcuts tab. From here, just click Touch Bar and you should see a list of all applications that have been added as shortcuts in the Touch Bar.

You can scroll through the list until you find the one you want to remove and simply click the small ‘X’ button. That’s it In no time at all, your app shortcut will be gone from your Touch Bar.

How to use Siri with the Touch bar

Using Siri with the Touch Bar on your Mac is an incredibly useful tool to increase your productivity. To use Siri with the touch bar, you will see the icon of Siri on the Top Right corner of the touch bar, tap on that icon and Siri will get activated and you will be able to enjoy all the features that Siri comes with. With simple gestures and commands, it’s easy to quickly access vital information and functions on your computer.

To make using Siri even better, you can personalize how it responds to your requests by talking to it in the way that makes the most sense to you; whether using slang or a specific tone of voice, Siri will recognize and adjust its responses accordingly. Getting used to using Siri may take some time, but the effort is worthwhile if you want quick access to your favorite programs and files with no fuss.


Concluding the post, these were 5 ways that you can follow to customize the touch bar of your MacBook pro and add more ease to your work life.

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