Best 32 inch Monitor for MacBook Pro in 2023

Upgrade your MacBook Pro setup with our expertly curated selection of the Best 32 inch Monitor for MacBook Pro. These top-rated monitors offer stunning 4K displays, wide viewing angles, and seamless compatibility with your MacBook Pro. Perfect for creative professionals, gamers, and anyone looking for a larger screen.

Connecting your 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro to an external monitor via a stable connection is always good. It extends the screen and gives more room to the user to perform their work tasks effortlessly.

Besides, the incredible MacBook Pro may limit you from doing certain things due to the small screen and fast battery draining. So, you have to choose the external monitor that best matches the display performance and gives you the excellent watching, playing, or working experience you could imagine. Therefore, we have found the best 32-inch monitor for MacBook Pro, the standard size for professional computing.

Best 32 inch Monitor for MacBook Pro Comparison Table in 2023

SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
LG 32ML600M-B 32" Inch Monitor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ViewSonic 32 Inch 1080p⭐⭐⭐⭐
BenQ EW3270U 32 inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ViewSonic ELITE XG320Q 32-Inch Monitor⭐⭐⭐⭐

We have carefully examined the monitors and chosen the best performers to keep up with you at work or home. So, let’s explore without further ado.

1. SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch Monitor

SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch monitor for macbook pro

With a 4k monitor, there is 4X more pixel thickness than FHD, 32 inches Samsung 4K monitor delivers the happiest colors, even brighter than any typical budget-friendly monitor. Every part of the content develops a joy to look at, and the subtle profile is another charm to enjoy.

Eye Saver’s feature lowers blue light levels for condensed eye strain throughout long work hours, making this 4K monitor easy on the eyes. Flicker-free technology adds further watching comfort by removing trembling at all brightness levels.

The 3-sided frameless slim computer monitor gives an edge to edge for all-out visibility but upholds a sleek and current look that creates more desk space. The joining of multiple monitors is a seamless capability with this HDMI monitor.

Picture by picture features of a 32-inch 4k UHD monitor is heaven for photo editors, giving them more room for preview content. Pick to connect two different devices to the monitor at their native resolution picture by picture or also called picture in picture.

No more swapping around with Automatic Source Change Plus. Your monitor notices newly connected devices and displays the correct signal as soon as you run the device. In addition, Samsung has pleasingly priced this best 32-inch monitor for MacBook Pro as far as 32-inch 4K monitors go, particularly if you reflect a curved variant. The screen looks outstanding once standardized, while the form factor takes care of the creation’s value for entertaining purposes.

• Clear Display
• Highly optimized display
• Precise calibration
• Decent profile
• Limited refresh rate

2. LG 32ML600M-B 32″ Inch Monitor

LG 32ML600M-B 32 inch monitor for macbook pro

The LG 32ML600M is an amazing 32 inches display with a broad color range and a 75Hz quick refresh rate if you mind low pixels graphic and frame consistency. It can be the best 32-inch monitor for MacBook pro for you in the budget with a simple profile, solid build quality, and excellent display performance. 

With a peak glare of 300-nits, the screen can get more than cheerful enough under usual lighting conditions. If you have a lot of straight sunlight or room illumination facing the screen, you might get some stares and need to use the darkroom.

The low pixel thickness is also bearable for everyday actions, such as web surfing, writing emails, etc. Though you plan to use the screen for a type of work that requires a lot of writing and necessitates a lot of screen space, you must get a smaller 32 inches monitor screen or a higher-resolution model.

It also has a wild pixel response time speed as there’s no chiefly noticeable ghosting behind fast-moving substances. The quicker reaction time overdrive option presents an overshoot, so we recommend stabbing with the ‘Fast’ mode.

The LG monitor’s backlight is flicker-free as it doesn’t use color to control brightness, and there is a Reader feature that facilitates the release of damaging low-blue light. There’s also a maneuvering joystick for quick and easy steering through the On-Screen Display menu beneath the bottom bezel of the screen, or you can use LG’s OSC On-Screen Control desktop request instead.

Other valued features include Black Preservative improved visibility in dark scenes, crosshair overlays, and numerous picture presets. LG 32ML600M display screen also supports HDR High Dynamic Range. But, due to its low peak illumination and lack of local lowering, you’re not getting the actual HDR viewing experience.

Some users stated that the stand excellence is terrible and prone to breaking, so you might consider receiving a third-party stand. They also have meaningfully higher input lag and slower reaction time, among other things. So, the LG 32ML600M is the faultless cheap monitor if you need a 32″ screen for primary hypermedia purposes. You can check your MacBook monitor compatibility guide, here in this extensive guide.

• Budget-Friendly
• Wide Viewing Angle
• VESA compatible
• Quick Refresh Rates
• Low pixel density

3. ViewSonic 32 Inch 1080p

ViewSonic 32 Inch monitor for macbook pro

ViewSonic monitor is basically plug-and-play when it comes to the setup. Connect the power, then use the HDMI cable to attach to your laptop or MacBook Pro in our case. A high-speed joining makes this the best 32-inch affordable monitor for MacBook pro. View Sonic monitor connected to my Apple MacBook Pro in seconds, and things were equipped to go.

The widescreen monitor is attractive and stunning. It has a great design with no framework on three sides and very small bezel crossways at the bottom. It’s actually a pretty good size for multiple purposes, like drafting emails, editing photos, online conferences, etc.

ViewSonic model has an advanced resolution than your regular computer monitor. With 4K pixels, it’s designed to give you quick and detailed views, while HDR10 content sustenance delivers a high dynamic range of bright colors and contrast.

The game feature is hypothetical to be a simple lone button. Even when mentioning the manual for some direction, I adjusted some settings that I couldn’t appear to undo.

Sonic View monitor has two speakers built-in if you need to use them for gaming or casual music listening. You couldn’t tell how to trigger these, like the enhanced view settings. The speakers sound awfully tiny and awful on the preceding monitors’ screen.

• Good 4k display
• Split screen
• 4K display quality
• Accurate Colors and brightness
• Decent design
• Limited stand adjustment
• Awful audio quality

4. BenQ EW3270U 32 inch

BenQ EW3270U 32 inch monitor for macbook pro

The BenQ EW3270U maybe not be the primary choice you look at when seeking a new monitor for your MacBook pro, but it offers enough to stay in the spotlight. It has a 4K display detailed with a remarkable color difference, offers many port options, and comes with some great blue light options, making it easy to see.

It offers an imaginary screen at 4k resolution with HDR comprising the deal. BenQ has built some pleasant eye care-related services into the screen monitor that we’ve become fans of the more you will use it.

The appearance of the BenQ 3270U screen monitor is moderate to the point. Like most monitors, it looks like a flat-panel TV. The screen has high but visible bezels around the sides and the top of the display, while the base is a bit taller. 

Under the right side are the control button and the menu selection switches. The menu is easy to navigate, with the left button letting you select amongst four modes of blue light, such as software and reading.

The enactment of the BenQ EW3270U is pretty rock-hard. Thanks to its 4K resolution and HDR competition, the screen is gorgeous, detailed, and vibrant. Videos and games look sharp and precise. Specifically, it was easy for us to get drawn in watching 4K videos of the rainforest while testing this unit.

The obtainable blue light types let you adjust rendering to the media you’re using, watching a movie versus interpretation, for example, and are great for helping fine-tune the monitor even further.

The built-in speakers are a noticeable add-on, especially at this price. However, they’re very skinny-sounding and only ready to lend a hand if you have no other means of receiving sound. The slight annoyance of having the audio jack inserted in the back is more of a subject if you use headphones.

• Quick Refresh Rate
• 4K display quality
• More connectivity options
• Low Speaker Quality

5. ViewSonic ELITE XG320Q 32-Inch Monitor

ViewSonic ELITE XG320Q 32 Inch monitor for macbook pro

ViewSonic ELITE 32-inch is a great IPS monitor for professional computing with 1440p resolution and a highly ergonomic supporting stand. It is specifically designed for gaming, featuring a 0.5ms response time and 175Hz refresh rate.

The monitor looks stunning sitting on a desk, and the pleasing design with thin bezels seems noticeable. The adjustable stand saves desktop space while offering advanced ergonomics to adjust the display to the most comfortable position.

The screen looks amazing from every angle, thanks to the panel technology. An ultra-thin bezel provides more screen space for content previewing, opening multiple tabs, or messing with excel sheets while playing videos on one screen. Besides, the on-screen control is smooth and super responsive screen waste no time while using.

 A high refresh rate keeps the screen smooth, reduces the motion blur, and never lets you miss anything in the fast-action scene. The display is rich with vibrant colors and impressive detail. The Quantum dot technology adds an additional layer between the LED backlight and display panel to enhance the brightness, making the display more lifelike and realistic to look at.

ViewSonic ELITE is a premium monitor for MacBook pro as it features 99% sRGB and 99% Adobe coverage, ultimately ensuring color vibrancy on the screen. High pixel response time makes everything seem sharper, even over the HDMI connection.

As I have mentioned, it is an impressive gaming monitor; it features G-Sync support that eliminates display stutter or tearing and reduces the input lag for a fluid screen. NVIDIA compatibility delivers an appealing gaming experience with no ghosting.

Connectivity is also seamless via Display port and HDMI, which wouldn’t make a huge deal pairing your 14 or 16-inches MacBook pro. There is RGB lighting on the back and underneath the bottom bezel for some fun gaming or funky music listening. You can Calibrate your monitor with MacBook, with this guide.

• Minimalistic design
• High color coverage
• Excellent HDR quality
• 175Hz refresh rate with 0.5ms response time
• Sometimes the pixel gets stuck
• A little expensive

Bottom Line

If you are wondering about connecting an external monitor with your MacBook Pro, you are on the right track to find one that is durable, easy to use, and smooth to function. We have added top-notch products that are doing great in the market and offering impressive computing experience even as the second screen.

So, get the one that best fits your requirements and budget, and explore more of the digital world.

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