How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver? Complete Set-Up

What made me love Samsung and Yamaha was the credibility and novelty these tech giants bring to the people. Samsung brings clarity and crispness in the picture quality, and the Yamaha brings a powerful sound experience. I have been using Samsung 40″ Class N5200 Smart Full HD TV4 and Yamaha TSR-700 7.2-channel AV Receiver to enjoy the theatrical experience. And for my readers’ assurance, they are the perfect match for each other. Wondering, How to connect Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver?

Keeping in mind the details I am sharing here, the process is not complex because you will get every detail you need to connect the smart TV and receiver. There will be a complete step-by-step guide to make sure you will get things done hassle-free. Moreover, there will be a guide to program and set your Samsung Remote with Yamaha Receiver.

How do I connect my Yamaha receiver to my Smart TV?

Yamaha provides the surround sound experience with features like DSP, and undoubtedly Yamaha receiver is the best receiver for Samsung smart tv. Cutting a long story short, if you want to connect your Yamaha receiver to Samsung Smart TV, then follow these my personally tried approaches. 

Samsung tv Yamaha receiver arc

Activate Samsung TV’s Anynet+ feature

Before we go to any connecting procedure, there is the Samsung Smart TVs feature known as the Anynet+ feature – HDMI-CEC. It allows you to control your external stereo setup or AVR connected with HDMI via the remote. 

Tidbit: You can control upto 12 devices with your remote control.

Follow these steps to enable the Anynet+ feature. 

  • Go to the Smart TV Settings by following the Home button to the Smart Hub Settings.
  • Now select the General Settings and then EDM – External Device Manager.
  • Then find the Anynet+ feature and enable it.
  • You are ready to connect your Samsung with any AVR through HDMI CEC/ARC.

How to connect TV to Yamaha receiver with HDMI?

When connecting Yamaha AVR and Samsung Smart TV, the most helpful method is HDMI ARC(Audio Return Channel). If it makes the syncing process perfect, you will see no latency, and you will enjoy the perfect surround sound experience. The process includes the following steps.

  1. Always turn on the Samsung Anynet+ from the settings first.
  2. After that, turn off both devices.
  3. Get a perfect High-speed HDMI cable to connect both devices.
  4. Now find the HDMI ARC -CEC on the YAMAHA AVR and insert it.
  5. Then connect the other end on the back side of the Smart TV.
  6. You are ready for your theatrical experience. 

How to connect Yamaha receiver to tv without HDMI?

Many people ask what if they don’t have the HDMI. What are the solutions to such kinds of issues? I advise them to adapt the Optical and Bluetooth methods according to their convenience.

Connecting using Optical Cable

Follow these steps if you want to connect Yamaha AVR to the smart TV using an optical cable. 

  • Always get a good-quality optical cable.
  • It usually comes with connectors on; remove the covers.
  • Then locate the optical port on the TV and insert it.
  • Now find the optical port on the AVR and connect another end.
  • You are ready.

Note: Sound quality with optical cable will be no better than HDMI- ARC.

Connecting using Bluetooth 

Modern technology has brought massive change and made life more manageable than before. Now you can connect AVR and TV using Bluetooth. To connect:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth by remote on the Yamaha AVR using the remote.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the Samsung and look for available settings.
  3. Find the Yamaha AVR and pair it.
  4. You are connected and ready to listen to the well-processed sound quality through your external speakers. 

Note: There will be some latency in the sound quality.

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How to program Samsung remote to Yamaha receiver?

If you use HDMI ARC cable to connect your Yamaha AVR and Samsung Smart TV, you can program your TV remote with AVR. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Go to the Source settings and look for the Universal Remote settings.
  • Ensure the Yamaha AVR is connected with HDMI and turn the AVR ON.
  • Now select the Universal Remote Settings and Select the Yamaha receiver.
  • Then register it, and you are ready to control Yamaha AVR with the Samsung Smart TV remote. 

Final Thoughts

Yamaha AVR and Samsung Smart TV are the perfect fit for each other, and when appropriately connected, they will amaze you. We have provided you with comprehensive guidelines and instructions on Connecting Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver. In addition to this, there are ways to connect tv with AVR without HDMI and set the Samsung remote with Yamaha Receiver.

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