How to Daisy Chain Monitors MacBook Pro? How MST Work?

Using the Daisy Chain method, you can connect two or more monitors, and they can function independently and provide the display. They usually term it the MST (multi-stream transport), in which there is no need to connect your monitors directly to the MacBook Pro. Do Macs support daisy-chaining? And How to Daisy Chain Monitors MacBook Pro?

I will discuss the daisy chain with Macs in detail and illustrate my experience with daisy chaining my Benq and LG monitors. Moreover, we will enlist the steps of how the thunderbolt daisy chain works. 

How to Daisy Chain monitors?

Having multiple monitors can increase productivity; you can have more screens to edit and play games. You require two or more DisplayPort 1.2 supported monitors and DisplayPort cables when connecting different monitors. Moreover, select the higher configuration DisplayPort to avoid the mirror-only.

The first step is to connect the first end of the DP to the first monitor and another end to the system. Now connect the second DisplayPort cable to the first monitor and the second side of the DP to the second monitor. When you configure the settings, it will start the Daisy Chain process. Check out the Best Dell Monitors for MacBook pro that you can buy today.

Can I Daisy-Chain monitors with MacBook Pro?

When it comes to daisy-chaining, an MST system in the system and a MacBook Pro that does not support it, i.e., older models do not support it. But the latest models that come with the Thunderbolt options and the monitors like LG 24 Inch UltraFine 4K  allow you to connect in the series. 

How do DisplayPort Daisy Chain Mac works?

The very first thing that is required is DisplayPort 1.2 port cables. I have a Dell monitor U2414H that comes with the DisplayPort 1.2. You need to follow these steps to Daisy Chain your monitors with MacBook Pro.

  • Go to the monitor settings and find the display settings. 
  • Now find the DisplayPort 1.2 that you will see will be disabled.
  • Then, press the enable that will allow you to connect.
  • Get the DisplayPort cable to connect the systems.
  • After that, go to the system settings and find the input source.
  • Select the input source as DisplayPort.
  • Connect the DisplayPort to MacBook Pro and the other side to the first monitor.
  • Then, bring the second DisplayPort cable to connect it to the first monitor.
  • Now insert another side in the second monitor in the DisplayPort.
  • You will be able to use the Daisy Chain monitors with DisplayPort. 

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Thunderbolt Daisy Chain Monitors with MacBook Pro

If you use the latest models of the MacBook Pro and have the Apple monitor or LG 24 Inch UltraFine 4K, then it is possible to use Daisy Chain monitors using Thunderbolt 4. You can follow these instructions and guide to Daisy Chain monitors via the concept of Thunderbolt Daisy Chain. The steps are:

  1. You need to get two Thunderbolt cables, two monitors, and the MacBook Pro.
  2. Connect one side of the Thunderbolt to the MacBook and another side to the first monitor.
  3. Now connect the first side of the Thunderbolt to the first monitor.
  4. Then, connect the second side to the second monitor.
  5. You will be able to connect the MacBook Pro with the monitors via thunderbolt Daisy chaining.

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The oldest models of the MacBook Pro don’t support the Daisy Chain or MST, but the latest models support the Thunderbolt daisy chain. We have discussed the DisplayPort 1.2 configuration and how the daisy chain works overall. You can check out more such informative guides on our homepage.

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