How to Use Macbook as Second Monitor? A Guide

Playing around with a MacBook is full of confusion and enjoyment. Connecting various devices to a MacBook takes my day to fidget with the best method. However, today’s task explains How to Use MacBook as Second Monitor. 

You can use various techniques to use MacBook as a second monitor. The primary ones are using adapters where you use external hardware devices for screen sharing. In contrast, the approachable or accessible way is to use a MacBook as a second monitor wirelessly. 

Generally, I use MacBook as a second monitor by following both methods per mood. Additionally, you will learn the technique of using a MacBook as a second monitor for another MacBook.  

How to Use MacBook as Second Monitor for PC?

Gone are the days when MacBook connectivity takes a toll on you. Today’s technology makes arrangements in every possible way to maximize the MacBook’s screen. In addition, my reliable method is to download an open-source desktop software and use a USB plug, another name for the virtual display adapter. So, the following steps await you to learn.

  1. Start by downloading and installing Deskreen software only on your PC
  2. Your MacBook projects the screen by aiding with an IP address. 
  3. Use a virtual adapter and plug it into the USB port of the PC
  4. Open software on your PC and look for a QR code and an IP address
  5. At this point, ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  6. Type the PC’S generated password into the MacBook browser.
  7. Allow the MacBook for the entire screen or particular window sharing.
  8. It’s time to use MacBook as a second monitor.

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How do I Use my MacBook as a Second Monitor with HDMI?

The enjoyment of using MacBook as a second monitor has perks, as it saves you a lot of time and increases productivity. Also, you do not need to rely only on the wireless procedures and opt for screen sharing using chords, such as HDMI cables or Adapters.

Suppose you are ready to use your MacBook as a second monitor but struggling with inserting an HDMI cable, and nothing works. Firstly look for the compatibility ports your MacBook and PC supports, as most MacBooks lack HDMI input ports. So, connect both devices using different adapters.

  1. Connect the HDMI cable or adapter to the PC
  2. The other end of the adapter goes into the MacBook’s port
  3. You can do it either by connecting the adapter directly to the MacBook or by using USB-C multiport adapter
  4. Go to the Screen Sharing options in your Windows
  5. Ensure the Sharing Option is enabled
  6. Start using your MacBook as a second monitor

How to Use MacBook as a Second Monitor?

The common assumption is to connect a MacBook to a Windows PC. But do you hear of using Macbook as a second screen for another MacBook? If not, the following steps will teach you How to Use MacBook as a Second Monitor for MacBook and enhance your stamina to work on a bigger screen.

  • Go to System Preferences on your main Mac.
  • Select the Add Display option and select another Mac to duplicate the screen.

The steps above explain the settings when you experience the two sharing screens. Since you want to use the MacBook as a second monitor, you must change the settings and follow the steps.

  1. Tap on Display Settings
  2. When you select the AirPlay screen, click on Stop Mirroring. 
  3. You will find the above option under Use As.
  4. You must choose the Extended Display Option.
  5. Adjust the resolution to 1920 x 1080

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MacBook as Second Monitor for Mac?

Yes, you can use a MacBook as a second monitor for another Mac. The wireless method is to open Apple Menu and select System Settings. Then clicking on the pop menu on the sidebar of the Displays option will lead you to select your new display. 

Can I use my Mac Mini with my MacBook Pro?

The screen-sharing option on your MacBook will help you use different Mac devices. Remember, both devices are connected to the same internet connection. 

Summing Up

Turning MacBook’s small screen into an extended one needs your utmost attention. This article covers different wired or wireless ways to use a MacBook as a second monitor. In addition, adopting wireless methods such as downloading AirDroid Cast and Deskreen will save you a lot of time compared to selecting the best adapters to fulfill the purpose. 

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