MacBook Pro USB-c to HDMI Not Working | Ways to Fix this Issue

If you have a recent MacBook model, you know that now all the new variants and models of the MacBook come with only USB-C. They come with USB-c for a reason, as it transfers the data faster than any other port. I own one of the recent MacBook M1 Pro (8-core CPU), but recently I had an issue with my MacBook Pro USB-C to HDMI Not Working, which made me feel nuts. I instantly looked for possible reasons to solve the issue and finally concluded.

If you face the same issue, you are in the right boat. We will sail you to all the possible reasoning and potential solutions to let you feel free like I did after solving this issue by myself. You can do that too; just follow these guidelines. Before getting into the solutions, let’s find out the reasons.

Does USB-C to HDMI work on MacBook?

When it comes to USB-C, it is the port that allows the transferring of data more quickly than other ports. The USB-C to HDMI works fine on the MacBook, as I use the USB-C to HDMI adaptor to connect my LG monitor via HDMI. You need to get an Apple-recommended adapter/dongle or hub to connect it and wait for a few seconds, and the monitor will start showing the same screen. 

Why is my USB to HDMI adapter not working Mac?

The MacBook Pro comes with a USB-c port, and if you have the following scenarios, you will not be able to connect your external monitor or any other device.

  • The apparent reason could be the faulty HDMI cables. You need to check your HDMI cables before inserting them.
  • You could perhaps not have inserted the cables properly.
  • Another reason could be the faulty Apple USB-c digital av multiport adapter.
  • You could select the input option wrong on your external monitor.
  • There could be a resolution difference between the monitor and MacBook Pro.
  • The USB-c port itself may not work – possible hardware issues.

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MacBook Pro USB-C to HDMI Not Working | Possible Solutions and Remedies 

If you face this issue where your MacBook Pro USB-C to HDMI is not working, you need to go for these potential solutions to get back to normal on your dual monitor screen. The remedies include:

  1. The easiest way is to Reboot both systems.
  2. Look for the power options, and whether everything is connected and intact.
  3. You need to disconnect the HDMI cable and reconnect it to the USB to the HDMI adapter. 
  4. If your HDMI cable is not working, then better use it on the other system to know whether it is working. If not, then change it.
  5. Then, you need to go to the Apple logo, find the preferences, and then look for the display. And click ALT/Option that will bring the detect displays mac and now look if it starts working or not.
  6. The last and most important one is whether the USB-C to HDMI adapter is faulty or not, then change it and get the Apple Recommended Adapter.
  7. Other ways include Factory Reset, or you may connect the Apple Support.
  8. If everything doesn’t go well, you need to solve it by taking it to the expert for hardware solutions.

Why is my HDMI adapter not working MacBook Pro?

The most probable reason would be the faulty adapter which usually leads to HDMI not working. In addition to this, there might be a probability of the HDMI port malfunctioning or the cable being damaged. You can check out Best Usb C Monitors for Macbook Pros in the market right now.

For better understanding, you need to know the resolution factor of the monitor you are connecting to and whether it is compatible. Moreover, there could be a possible issue of the mac USB-c to DisplayPort not working also which leads to the HDMI adaptor not working. 

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Final Thoughts

By following these guidelines and quick solutions, you will be able to reinstate your extended displays. We have described the possible causes and provided reasonable solutions to cope with the issue of MacBook Pro USB-C to HDMI not working. Usually, the issue comes in the adapter, so get a new one, and you are good to go.

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