Why won’t my LG monitor connect to my Mac

It is important to note that different Macs and monitors have different ports. The same applies to LG monitors. LG monitors come with HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, USB-C ports, and Macs come with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), Thunderbolt / USB 4, Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C), or USB-C ports.

So, if your LG monitor has a compatible video input port with your Mac, then you can easily connect your Macbook with your monitor without any adapter.

Why LG Monitor is not connecting to Mac

Therefore, once you have a good understanding of ports and the appropriate cables and adapters, all you need to do is plug them both in together and enjoy two screens.

If you cannot see anything on your MacBook and monitor or when the LG monitor says “no connection detected,” you must make sure your cables are tightly connected to their ports. You might want to unplug the cables and plug them back in again to test that. It may be worthwhile to plug both of your devices into other ports if they have multiple ports of the same type.

Are you still having trouble connecting? I recommend using a different cable to connect your MacBook to your LG monitor if this is the case. The original cable may have bends that are causing problems. It may be an issue that can be resolved by straightening the cable.

In another case, if your Mac shows that a monitor is connected, but the monitor remains black, you might need to push the power button on your monitor. Maybe there can be an issue with the low brightness.

To ensure that the monitor is working correctly, it is also a great idea to test the monitor on another computer or laptop.

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If the monitor shows nothing, you should put your Mac on charging because not all the monitors are fully compatible with Macs, so by putting your Mac on the charge, maybe it will work for you.

In the end, sometimes we don’t focus on the adapter’s ports and buy a generic adapter without figuring out the exact ports. So, you just have to look at your LG monitor and Mac’s video input ports and buy an adapter appropriately.

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