How to Connect a Dell Monitor to a MacBook Pro? Easy Steps

Do you want to increase the productivity of your office work? While accomplishing projects on my MacBook pro was a challenging experience due to its 16 inches screen. However, an idea pops into my mind, and I connect it to a big-size monitor. Do you want to know: How to Connect a Dell Monitor to a MacBook? 

MacBook connects to dell monitor through various methods. The primary ones are attaching an HDMI cable, USB-C, or video adapters. Check both devices’ compatibility ports before establishing a mutual link.

In this article, I will mention what method I like the most while connecting a dell monitor to a MacBook. In addition, the knowledge of various ports is essential that macbook supports its different versions. 

How to Connect a Dell Monitor to a Macbook Pro Laptop?

Connecting a Dell Monitor to a MacBook pro is only possible by knowing what type of port both devices support to establish a connection. Generally, MacBook Pro contains three primary ports USB-C, HDMI, or mini display port, through which cables or adapters are attached to serve the purpose.

  1. Determine the Port

Look for the ports before connecting two devices so that it takes less time without thinking about what to do next to serve the purpose. The HDMI or USB-C ports are standard in dell monitors, but the problem arises when you intend to connect to a monitor with only a VGI port. 

Once you determine the input or output jacks, gear with the next step of either connecting it directly or through an adapter.

  1. Shut the Devices Off

You must power off your monitor or laptop and then attach the video cable to the port behind the monitor or in the output jack of the MacBook Pro. Here, you can use the video adapter to connect one end of the cable to the monitor’s port and the other to the relevant adapter’s port. Then connect the adapter to the MacBook Pro.

The most common adapters for MacBook Pro are USB-C to HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort to HDMI helps connect my monitor and macbook pro when one lacks any compatible port. 

  1. Turn on the Devices

To ensure the cables are seated properly, you must start by turning the monitor on and then your laptop. You will see the display on both screens. 

We have also reviewed Best Dell Monitors for Macbook Pro, in case you are looking to buy one for yourself.

How Do I Connect My MacBook Pro to My Dell Monitor HDMI?

Here I connect the Dell monitor UltraSharp U2720Q to the MacBook Pro with an HDMI video cable. The easiest method to connect both devices is using an HDMI cable. The reason for doing this is that dell monitors have a variety of ports situated behind them, and you only need to be conscious of Macbook compatibility. 

How to Connect Dell p2419h Monitor to MacBook Pro? The direct plug-in method allows you to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Dell P2419H monitor’s input port. At the same time, the other end of the cable goes into the MacBook port. You can turn on your laptop and see the display on the monitor after connecting.

How to Connect a Dell Monitor to a MacBook Pro?

Suppose you connect your MacBook Pro via a USB-C port; ensure that your dell monitor also comprises a similar input port. 

However, if the corresponding port is unavailable, you can connect the Dell monitor to MacBook Pro USB-c through USB C- to the HDMI adapter. Simply insert one end of the video cable into the monitor while the other goes into the adapter. Remember to connect the USB-C end to the side of the MacBook port. In this way, you can connect your laptop to your adapter and then to the monitor. 

Similarly, a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter will do your job when MacBook Pro has a mini display port, but the monitor you want to connect it too needs to be added. 

How to Hook up a Dell Monitor to a Macbook Pro?

Do you interested in hooking a monitor to a MacBook pro? If yes, read the guideline and increase your working hours while enjoying the significant screen experience. 

  1. Connect your MacBook Pro through a video cable directly or an adapter.
  2. Go to your Mac’s preferences system
  3. Click on Displays to select your monitor
  4. Set your desired screen resolution by tapping on Display Tab.
  5. Also, set your color by clicking on Color Tab

Why Doesn’t my MacBook Recognize my Dell Monitor?

MacBook Pro has many advanced settings to connect to dell monitors. Suppose you encounter disconnection again and again. There are a few settings you can go for to establish the connection. 

  • Open System Preferences
  • Tap on Displays
  • Click on the Scale option
  • Look for brightness and resolution settings
  • Ensure that your Macbook Pro has cable connections adequately seated.

Pro Tip: remember to select 30 or 60 Hz as particular Scale Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Monitor not Working with my Mac?

Mac not working with the monitor is due to outdated software. Ensure to turn on the monitor from the power source or that the cables attached to both devices are tight but adequately seated in their ports. 

Why is my Mac not Detecting HDMI?

Your macbook does not detect HDMI due to any technical glitch. Hence, one thing that is in your hands is to restart the laptop to eliminate the problem. Start by shutting off and disconnecting the HDMI display. It’s time to reboot your MacBook and plug in the cable again. When you turn on the HDMI source, it will be detected. 

Summing Up 

Connecting different devices to a MacBook demands knowledge of its various upgrading ports. If you do not find relevant ports behind the dell monitor, you can use an adapter to connect both devices. The steps are simple and take a minute or two. In this article, I have mentioned several standard methods by which you can easily connect your dell monitor to a MacBook Pro without hassle.

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