How to connect ViewSonic Monitor to MacBook pro? A Comprehensive Guide

ViewSonic manufactures quality monitors with good resolutions and other products, including projectors and onboard displays, under the company’s brand name. I got one mid-range ViewSonic VA2446mh LED Monitor for my MacBook Pro to manage my business sheets. One of the monitors supports VGA and HDMI, but I managed to connect it and provide you the details on How to connect ViewSonic Monitor to MacBook Pro.

Many people look for this query, so I will discuss the steps to connect the ViewSonic monitor with the MacBook Pro in this how-to guide. Additionally, there is a discussion on connecting the laptop wirelessly with the ViewSonic laptop. 

Can you use a ViewSonic monitor with a MacBook Pro?

Yes, you can use a ViewSonic monitor with a MacBook Pro. Even a ViewSonic 4K and high-resolution monitor offers true-to-life, colored pictures that are color accurate using industry color standards. 

Get VGA or HDMI cables and their supporting adapter compatible with your MacBook Pro. For a more suitable connection, it will be great to look for the Tech Specs of your MacBook Pro to know the compatibility with the monitor completely. 

Steps to Connect ViewSonic Monitor to MacBook Pro

If you want to connect your ViewSonic Monitor to MacBook Pro, you need to follow these practical instructions and steps to complete the connectivity. The steps include:

  • Turn the ViewSonic monitor, and the blue light will turn to the amber color that tells it is not connected yet.
  • As my monitor comes with VGA and HDMI ports, I prefer the VGA that comes with the monitor. This monitor does not come with an HDMI cable – I bought it separately.
  • Now get an adapter with USB-C to HDMI/ VGA, depending upon your needs.
  • Then, connect it to the adapter.
  • After that, connect the adapter to the MacBook Pro.
  • You will be able to see the ViewSonic monitor connected with the MacBook Pro.
  • To properly use the extended display, you need to configure the MacBook settings.
  • Go to the Apple Menu and look for System Preferences.
  • Now look for the Display in the settings and adjust resolutions according to the monitor.
  • Then, switch to the Arrangement section and adjust the placement.

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How do I connect my ViewSonic monitor to my iMac?

iMac offers an 8-core CPU, which combines performance and efficiency cores, and a 7-core GPU, making it the ideal machine for intensive use. It features Thunderbolt 3 and Native DisplayPort capabilities. In addition to HDMI, DVI, and Thunderbolt 2 outputs, USB-C and VGA outputs are supported via adapters. If you want to connect your ViewSonic monitor, then follow these steps:

  • Select the connecting method, VGA, HDMI, or even USB-C.
  • New models of ViewSonic also come with USB-C capability.
  • Buy an adapter USB-C to HDMI or Thunderbolt to HDMI – they are sold separately.
  • Now connect one side to the monitor HDMI and another side to the adapter.
  • Connect the adapter to the iMac and configure the resolutions in the Display settings.
  • You are connected.

Tidbit: You can download the Viewsonic drivers for Mac to manage the color combination, calibration, and any graphical settings required.

How to connect ViewSonic monitor to Docking station?

You will need to follow these instructions and guidelines to connect your laptop with ViewSonic Monitor via a docking station. I use the Plugable universal docking station to connect multiple monitors and devices.

If you’d like to connect it over HDMI, you’ll need an HDMI cable and insert one end into the HDMI port of the monitor and the other into the Docking Station port. The next step is to insert the other USB-C port into your MacBook Pro and adjust the Display settings.


Among the oldest manufacturers of high-quality monitors, ViewSonic is undoubtedly one of the most reliable, and they work well with any system, including Macs and other laptops. We have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to connect your ViewSonic Monitor to your MacBook Pro. All you must do is follow the instructions. 

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