Use MacBook as Monitor Nintendo Switch | The Ultimate Guide

Gaming sessions are full of surprises, and what if a big screen is not available to experience the joy? Similarly, I encountered the situation a few days ago and found the best way to blow your mind out. What if you use Macbook as a Monitor for Nintendo Switch? 

Macbook lacks an HDMI input port. However, you can inspect the user manual to explore HDMI input and output ports before looking further for other methods. At the same time, favor the help of the capture card and install a streaming app to make it work or make your MacBook a monitor for a Nintendo Switch.

If connecting MacBooks to various devices always takes a toll on you, you must be in the right place to double the gaming experience. In addition, the alternatives of HDMI input ports on the laptop are a must to know to avoid inconvenience and enjoy lag-free game playing. 

How to Use MacBook as Monitor Nintendo Switch?

Playing console gaming using my laptop is another level of adventure for me. You must also share the happiness and make your MacBook a monitor for the Nintendo switch. What are your thoughts on converting your 16 inches screen into a monitor to play games? 

Connecting MacBook to a Nintendo switch initially seems confusing, but once you get your hands on the steps, it takes a few minutes to start a challenging session. You need an HDMI cable and a video capture to do the job.

  1. Locate the Output Port

As I already discussed, the majority of laptops, including MacBooks, lack HDMI input ports. However, you must know the output ports to connect to the capture card. Since the user must know the number of ports behind the Macbook, my laptop has a USB-C, and I use a USB-C connector capture card. 

  1. Initial HDMI Cable Setup

It’s time to insert the two ends of the cable in various input or output ports to get started with achieving the screen on the laptop. The sequence of connecting cables are

  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the output port of the Nintendo Switch.
  • The opposite end goes into the HDMI input port of the capture card
  • Connect the capture card to the USB port of the Macbook

Caution: refrain from using damaged or worn-out HDMI cables, as they only play their part in providing poor video quality and causing the screen to reach blackout. 

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Mac Without Capture Card?

Finding alternatives often leads you to new ways of connecting your MacBook and switch. Similarly, one such example is using a USB. the only restriction is to connect the Nintendo Switch to the laptop via USB-C cable. 

Simply initiate by finding the USB-C connector below the Nintendo console. Remember using the USB-C to HDMI converter is essential to make it work without a capture card. Also, if you want to stream without using a capture card, favor the help of Xbox one and make it your substitute. If you are facing Kensington Docking Station Not Detecting Monitor Macbook, you can check our complete guide on that.

How do I Use my Macbook as a Monitor for a Switch?

You have successfully connected the devices using a capture card. It’s time to move forward and have the switch’s screen on your MacBook, which now serves as a monitor. Start by installing Open Broadcasting Software and transmit the screen from the switch to the laptop in no time. 

You have the initial setup ready, launch the app, follow the various options, and add a new source in the OBS. So, tap on the +icon under Sources at the bottom of the screen. Gear for audio and video settings to get the perfect view of the entire screen without any audio lag. 

  1. Select the source of display in the option of Video Capture Device
  2. Name it per choice and press Ok
  3. You must select USB Video
  4. Tweak Audio settings by pressing the +icon again
  5. Select Audio Input Capture and name it per choice
  6. Following by pressing OK, and you must select the USB capture card
  7. Your display must appear on your MacBook by turning on the Nintendo switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Capture Card for Switch?

A capture card is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. You need a capture card for the switch because it allows you to record gaming content to edit it later according to your mood. Also, using software with these cards enhance its functions. 

Can I Connect my Switch to My laptop via Bluetooth?

The specialty of using Nintendo switches is that they operate with the power of the laptops and save you the time of tackling additional cords. Moreover, the switch is equipped with Bluetooth technology that pairs with PCs effortlessly. You may also check How to Daisy Chain Monitors MacBook Pro guide.

Summing Up 

MacBook is a versatile gadget that allows you to make it a monitor and throw the need for a TV for your games. However, using a capture card without an HDMI input port is different, but you will achieve great screening at the cost of an additional device. 

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